Fundraising Heroes

Our fundraisers are our heroes-we couldn't deliver support and services to people living with multiple sclerosis without them!


ICAP Brokers

"Once a year the ICAP Brokers donate 100% of commissions and profits from their day's work to allocated charities. With around 10 charities involved each year in Australia and having these charities all attend on the day, we have also found that many of the charities have areas where they can continue to work together and have formed ongoing relationships.

A key aspect of the day is that the brokers wear fancy dress. This helps build excitement leading up to the event as teams work together to come up with a creative theme. It also adds a bit of friendly competition to the day! The desks will be decorated and ambassadors from the charities even help them execute trades.

Our staff and clients selected MS as one of these charities this year. This made the day more personal as they know they are giving back and making a difference to help a cause close to them. By having MS come back to the office to receive their donation after the event, MS raises even more awareness.

It is a feel-good event, even though it is held once a year, we work with the charities all year round!

Any business or community could adopt themes like this-no need to have a trading desk! Friendly competition and fancy dress!

Linda Baker - ICAP


Adriana Grasso-Condello

On 9 Dec 2011 Adriana Grasso-Condello learned she had passed her CPA exams. She was thrilled. However, on the very same day she also learned she had multiple sclerosis. She was just 26. After an initial period of resentment, Adriana decided to face her new challenge head on with the motto:

"When something bad happens-you have three choices: You either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you let it strengthen you."

And so, along with her family, Adriana decided to help others, through fundraising. She initially completed the MS Walk and Fun Run raising an impressive $10,000. Soon after the seed was sown for the family to organise a bigger event with a donation of a Vespa. The idea steadily grew, from a raffle to a BBQ to a luncheon for 350 guests! A committee was formed and support was offered far and wide. Due to the level of commitment and organisation that went into this event, the result was a huge success and raised $148,000!

Following the enormous success of this event, Adriana and her family organised a second event two years later and again raised a significant amount of funds-$130,000!

Fundraising events do however take work and dedication to be a success-whether small or large! For those thinking of organising their own fundraising event, Adriana has provided her top tips for success:

  1. Don't be afraid to ask people for help. People are more than willing to help whether that's by making a donation, donating goods and services for your event, or even volunteering to help sell raffle tickets or help at your event.
  2. Facebook and Instagram were useful tools in getting my fundraiser out there. I was able to reach more people using social media. I created my own page dedicated to my fundraiser, where I posted positive quotes and photos, I kept people up to date with my fundraising total and provided information on how to donate, buy raffle tickets, or join my team for the MS Walk and Fun Run.
  3. Contact businesses in your local community, and see if they would like to get involved by putting a few raffle books/ posters about events in their shops, and if you are hosting an event, see if they would like to donate and become a major sponsor of your event. Businesses sometimes lean towards this as they get good publicity and free advertising of their business through your fundraiser.

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