Managing Donations

Do You Need a Fundraising Authority to accept donations for MS?

Anyone collecting donations in the name of MS requires an official Authority To Fundraise letter. This is why we ask all our MS Community Fundraisers to register with us before taking any online or offline donations. If you have any questions about registering or about your Authority To Fundraise documentation please contact us for further information.

Keep a Record

When someone makes a cash or cheque donation of $2 or more and requests a receipt, simply record their details on your MS Donation Register sheet. You can only offer an MS receipt if the donor is receiving nothing in return for their donation. Payments for products and services, such as a sausage sizzle or a fundraising dinner, are not considered to be donations under Australian tax law. To get a copy of the MS Donation Register sheet simply contact us.

Bank the Money

When you have finished fundraising, add up your donations and record them on the MS Donations Register sheet. Take the cash and cheques to your bank and ask for them to be deposited into the Multiple Sclerosis Limited Community Fundraising bank account using the bank details and reference number listed on your Authority To Fundraise letter. Please note that all cheques must be made out to Multiple Sclerosis Limited (not MS, MS Limited, MS Australia etc.) or the bank will refuse to accept them.

Return Your Donations Register Sheet

In order for us to generate tax deductible receipts for your donors you will need to make sure to return your MS Donations Register sheet to [email protected] in a timely manner. Once the funds have cleared in our bank account we will issue the requested receipts and update the tally on your Do It For MS fundraising page (if applicable).