Run Duss, Run!

Dussy had never considered herself a runner, up until a few years ago when she decided to take on a public fun run 10km to raise funds for people living with multiple sclerosis. 

Dussy on social media

Not only has she built running stamina, she has also built up her fundraising talents.  As a member of the MS Fundraising Team we could say Dussy had a head start when it comes to fundraising, but Dussy admits she has learnt a lot since beginning to fundraise in 2017 and believes her success is due to her passion to help people living with the disease.


To follow on from her 2017 success Dussy returned with an even bolder plan – to complete her first ever half marathon! Dussy set up a Do It For MS fundraising page to collect donations and set off on her way. What followed was three months of intense training, plus cleverly curated inventive ways to reach her $5000 fundraising goal. 

Her fundraising also included running a trivia night and she was thrilled when the Caulfield RSL offered her a free event space and donated equipment and raffle prizes. Support came from all directions with colleagues, family, local businesses and friends all donating their time and prizes to make the trivia event possible. The trivia night contributed to more than $3000 of her fundraising total! 

Dussy used social media and email threads to update work mates and friends with hilarious photos of her grueling training regime. Dussy stresses how important reaching out to people saying "The main thing I’ve learnt from fundraising is that people are so generous” and that “when people know you are passionate, they are willing to help.”

In 2019 Dussy took on the MS Red Centre Adventure and, in addition to online donations and a work raffle, she added a new fundraising opportunity to her repertoire – the good old Bunnings sausage sizzle!

Overall Dussy has raised more than $10,000 for MS since she began her fundraising in 2017 by pushing herself physically and creating inventive and quirky ways to involve those around her. Each small initiative has contributed to the larger successes of Dussy’s fundraising. For Dussy it has been an amazing and eye-opening insight into how willing people are to help and how the smaller things make up the bigger picture. And now, she loves to run.

Top tips: 

You can fundraise for MS by taking part in public fun runs and setting up your own Do It For MS fundraising page.

Running a trivia night doesn’t have to be hard work, reach out to family and friends for support and ask the MS Community Fundraising team for other helpful hints and tips.

Social media and email are key when fundraising. Find funny ways to keep people updated about their fundraising and always include a link to your fundraising page.

Look for opportunities to add to your fundraising tally like sausage sizzles outside of popular stores. Many stores now have a community sausage sizzle program which you can request to take part in.