“I hate cooking but I LOVE eating!"

Refer a friend! Send them the Be My Guest - Meals For MS link: and promise you will be their first guest and first donation.

"I want to support local business."

You’re a local hero! Order takeout from a nearby restaurant, shop at the independent grocer or get a meal kit delivered. These options all suit virtual guests too – you can eat or create the same meal and connect digitally for Be My Guest.

"I miss sharing meals with friends."

What about a virtual feast, where you all cook a three course meal together – on video chat of course – and then dine and wine in each others company. Think charades, conversation starters or red costume competition to promote World MS Day further. You can hang out for hours and hours, and make a real difference.

"I prefer cooking with others than alone – it’s way more fun!"

Why not ask that friend – you know the one, who is amazing at cooking – to host a cooking class for your Meal for MS? Be My Guest is all about connection and learning together is so fun. Get creative!

"I am adventurous in the kitchen. Risk of failing is thrilling!!”

Why not go all out and prepare a banquet for those in your household? You could prepare recipe sheets for your guests to cook at home, and get creative with each dish. Think cuisine specific, or in-season only – the world’s your oyster!

"I am SO KEEN 😅 for a project to engage the kids and connect them with their friends digitally."

We hear you! This is more than a meal… think invitations, decorations, recipe testing, outfits, reviews, social media content, an essay about the importance of social connectivity (depending on how old the kiddies are) – this can be a real project. And help your kids stay connected to loved ones.

"None of these are quite "me"... More ideas, please!"

Do you have a favourite food? Is there a story why? Maybe you can share the story and the meal with someone inside your home, or invite another to join you virtually. It can be small and cosy, nothing fancy. It’s just about connecting – find what feels good for you.