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Duss runs a half marathon for MS

October 14, 2018

Support Me

We all know that I have taken up this very hard thing called running over the past 8 or so months and I know that I make it look graceful as hell, but it's not all flowing ponytails and cute socks alright?!

Generally after about 5km (which is really only a 1/4 of a half marathon for reference), I turn a deep shade of red, I am dripping in sweat, and I'm praying to a god I don't believe in. 

But all that torture aside, I'm sticking to it because I want to do something in the fight against MS. 

I'm running this ridiculous 21.1km race for the OG love of my life, Morgs - who lives with MS. But I'm also doing it for everyone else who has been touched by this disease.

Help a gal out and donate what you can - I've really bigged myself up at work so I need something to show for it 😂.

xoxox RunDuss 

🚨What hurts more? Running a half marathon or getting your nipple pierced?
~Ah that age old question~
I'll let you know if I reach $5,000 in fundraising
(Guys I've upped the stakes, if I hit the magic 5K - ya girl will get her nipple pierced in the name of MS - potentially unprofessional? Probably. Worth it for the charity? YEAH GIRL).