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Planning Your Fundraiser

I want to fundraise for MS - how do I register?

Use our website to explore fundraising options including running your own fundraising activity, joining an existing fundraising activity, purchasing a product which supports MS or hosting an MS donation tin. Once you have decided how you would like to fundraise, you can sign up simply online.

Our Community Fundraising team will then review your registration and send you through your Authority to Fundraise, to show your fundraising activity has been approved.

I am having special occasion. Instead of gifts I want guests to donate money to MS. How do I do this?

Register as a Moments For MS fundraiser and you will automatically be set up with your own, customisable online fundraising page. Your Moments For MS fundraising page will enable your supporters/guests to make a secure online donation and automatically receive a tax receipt via email. Additionally, you could consider incorporating our MS Bonbonnieres and party favours into your plans.

My friend has multiple sclerosis. I want to raise directly for them to use. Can you help?

Unfortunately, MS can't provide you with an authority to fundraise in this manner. Our authority to fundraise is for services and care of people impacted by multiple sclerosis in general. You may like to explore online crowdfunding options for personal fundraising.

Do I need public liability cover (insurance) for my community fundraising activity?

All aspects of financial and public liability and public safety are the responsibility of the event organiser. As MS is not the event organiser we are unable to cover any liability on your behalf. Therefore, we ask that Do It For MS event organisers determine their own public liability requirements as in many cases your activity can fall under the cover of your venue. If your event venue is unable to use their own public liability to cover your event, there are many insurance providers who offer community event public liability cover, often specifically tailored for one-off not-for-profit events.

Please note that by agreeing to the MS Community Fundraising Terms and Conditions you agree to release MS to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims.

How do I know if I need permits for my event or fundraising activities (ie. raffle)?

Some activities require permits e.g. raffles where the total prize pool is over a certain amount. The amount differs between each state so visit www.nfplaw.org.au/raffles for a full list of local gaming authorities. Permits are also required by councils and shopping centres for outdoor events so please contact your council or venue to determine what permits you will need and what requirements you will need to adhere to.

Do MS have event and risk management templates for community events?

If your venue or local Council require submission of risk and/event management plans they may provide you with specific template plans to complete. As a general rule, a standard risk management plan contains: a description of potential risks; what control measure you will put in place to manage the potential risk; and what the likelihood of the risk occurring is after your control measure is in place. You may choose to break these into: environmental risks (i.e. heat stroke); people risks (ie. participant gets lost while on event course); and equipment risks (i.e. chair collapses under participant).

Where can I view the MS Fundraising Terms and Conditions?

You will have agreed to the MS Community Fundraising Terms and Conditions when registering your fundraising.


Can MS help advertise my fundraising event?

MS are not able to personally help you advertise the event through our publications or access media contacts. The Resources page is full of terrific tools to help you promote your event. Please be sure to go there and have a look!

Can I speak to the media about my event?

As a fundraiser, you are not authorised to speak on behalf of MS, but you can speak on behalf of the fundraising activity you are undertaking. Please ensure you make it clear to media that you are raising money in aid of MS and that you do not represent the organisation (MS). If the media require information about MS or comment they should contact our team.

Can I use the MS logo to promote my event?

Registered MS Community Fundraisers can use the ‘Proudly Supporting MS’ logo set. You can download these logos once you are logged in to your fundraising page or request them from your relationship manager once you have completed registration and been issued your Authority to Fundraise.

The MS logo and Do It For MS logo are the sole property of Multiple Sclerosis Limited and are reserved exclusively for use by MS, such as for MS organised fundraising events and campaigns.

If you are producing your own promotional materials featuring the Proudly Supporting MS logo, these must be submitted to MS for approval.

Money Matters

Can I collect cash or cheque donations?

Yes, you can certainly collect cash or cheque donations from your supporters!

Cheques: please ensure all cheques are made out to Multiple Sclerosis Limited (not to MS Society or MS Australia).

Cash: please ensure you keep a record of all cash donations you accept using the MS Donations Register which is issued to you with your Authority to Fundraise.

It is your responsibility to keep any cash or cheques received in a secure location. Please note that MS Donation Tins are not issued to be used at one-off events as a cash tin.

Can my cash/cheque donors be provided with a tax-deductible receipt from MS?

Yes, tax deductible receipts can be issued for all donations of $2.00 or more received from an individual or organisation.

Tax deductible receipts cannot be issued when the supporter has received goods or services in return for money given (e.g. raffle tickets, auction prizes, event tickets, a lump sum in a cash collection box, or purchase of fundraising items such as chocolate or bake sale items).

All online donors will automatically receive an email containing their tax-deductible receipt.

Cash/cheque donors will be given the option of requesting a receipt through the authorised fundraiser. If the donor wishes to receive a receipt, please mark them as ‘YES’ in the receipt column of your MS Donations Register document. Your MS Donations Register must be returned to MS within 14 days of the completion of your fundraising activity once the cash/cheques have been banked into the MS fundraising bank account. Receipts will then be issued to all your cash/cheque donors who requested them.

Are there circumstances when a receipt cannot be issued?

Tax deductible receipts cannot be issued when the supporter has received goods or services in return for money given (e.g. raffle tickets, auction prizes, event tickets, a lump sum in a cash collection box, or purchase of fundraising items such as chocolate or bake sale items).

MS are unable to issue a receipt using details from your MS Donations Register if neither an email address or a postal address has been recorded for the donor. MS are unable to issues receipts for donations made through the Facebook Donate button.

Can I collect door-to-door or on the street?

MS requires that there be no door-to-door appeals, street collections or telephone solicitation of any kind to the public in connection with your fundraising activity.

How do I bank the money I have collected?

Please refer to your Authority to Fundraise letter and Donations Register for the details required to transfer cash donations to MS. Transfer the funds to MS using the following bank details:

Multiple Sclerosis Limited
BSB: 033-112
Account: 256570

Make sure to email your MS Donations Register to communityfundraising@ms.org.au to let us know your funds have been banked and that your fundraising event can be closed off. All funds are to be banked within 14 days of your fundraising activity finishing.

How much is too much when it comes to event expenses?

You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the expenses do not exceed 40% of the gross proceeds obtained from the event. Please ensure you retain accurate, true and appropriate records in relation to all donations and income received, particulars of all expenditure incurred and all transactions in relation to your fundraiser. All profit (minus fair and reasonable expenses) must be sent to MS. You must not retain any part of the profit or any other benefit received from the event.

Facebook Fundraising

How can I use Facebook to boost my fundraising?

Facebook is a great place to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to support you! Always share your Do It For MS fundraising page to Facebook as opposed to setting up a Facebook fundraiser. This way you can be sure that all your funds raised will be shown on your Do It For MS Fundraising page.

Furthermore, we recommend you do not use the Facebook Donate button, as we cannot link any of the funds received through a Facebook fundraiser to your Do It For MS fundraising page.

What is the official charity name and number for MS community fundraising?

Multiple Sclerosis Limited, ABN 66 004 942 287

Will Multiple Sclerosis (MSL) still receive the funds?

Yes, if you have selected Multiple Sclerosis Limited as your charity of choice, we’ll receive the funds. However, please note there will be a slight delay. Also, your donors will receive a receipt from PayPal Giving Fund, not Multiple Sclerosis Limited.

Why aren't the donations that I am receiving on my Facebook page showing up?

Facebook donations are managed by a third party (PayPal Giving Fund), so we cannot sync these donations with your Do It For MS fundraising page.

Therefore, the best way to receive donations from your friends, colleagues and family is by sharing your Do It For MS fundraising page to Facebook, as opposed to using the Facebook Donate button.

What can I do if I have selected the incorrect MS organisation?

If you have selected the incorrect MS organisation on Facebook, please contact us and have the following information ready: your full name, amount and the fundraising closure date. Please contact our Support Engagement Team.

1300 733 690

Added Touches

Do you have MS merchandise I can sell to raise money?

We do! Please go to our MS Online Shop to browse and select what is best for your event. It is great to have some merchandise to help theme your fundraising event, and past fundraisers tell us they have been key to increasing their fundraising dollars. Fundraising merchandise is sold at a discounted price. This allows you to offer a physical item in exchange for a donation or sell items at a higher price. Whatever you earn above the purchase price of an item goes towards your fundraising totals. Selling MS merchandise is a great way to boost your fundraising efforts!

Do you have guest speakers who can talk at my event?

We love being able to support community fundraising events. While we understand the impact an MS Ambassador can make on your event, we are not able to accommodate every request due to limited resources. Please request an Ambassador as soon as you register your fundraising event. A member of our MS Ambassador program will then be in touch with you to discuss available options.

Can MS supply bonbonnieres for my wedding?

Yes, we can! Our MS In Celebration collection will allow you to choose from three products, each custom printed with the names of the couple, the date of your special occasion and a special message from MS:

  • Celebration MS Awareness Ribbon
  • Celebration MS Lapel Pin
  • Celebration MS Bonbonniere Card

Dimensions, costs and shipping times are listed for each product. The minimum quantity for each product is 50 cards and cards are sold in batches of 10.

I know a business wanting to host and MS Donation Tin – how can they organise that?

If you are a business or organisation wishing to host an MS Donation Tin at your premises you can register via this webform. Donation tins are designed for premises willing to host the tin for at least 6 months or until full.

How do I facilitate my employer matching my fundraising?

70% of companies in Australia offer ‘matching funding’ as part of their employee benefits. This means they support their employees’ charitable efforts by matching their fundraising dollar for dollar. It is a great way to double your fundraising efforts – and all you need to do is ask. Speak to your HR department and ask them for their support.

We can provide your company with any documentation they may need, including tax-deductible receipts, information about what we do and a letter of thanks and recognition.

Activity Tracking

How do I set up my fitness app to track my fundraising activity?

  1. Download MapMyFitnessFitbit or Strava app, and set up an account.
  2. Log in to your Do it for MS dashboard
  3. From the My Fitness Activity page, select your chosen app
  4. Follow the prompts to connect your account


How do I log my activity on my Limitless for MS fundraising page?

You will be able to log your activity either automatically via a connect device/app, or manually on your Do it for MS dashboard.

Log your activity automatically

  1. Download the FitbitMapMyFitness or Strava app, and set up an account
  2. Log in to your Do It For MS dashboard
  3. From the My Fitness Activity page, select your chosen app
  4. Follow the prompts to connect your account
  5. Your Activity Tracking will update each day, with the previous day's distances

Remember to start, stop and save your activity in the app, otherwise the distances will not be synced to your Do It For MS dashboard.

Log your activity manually

  1. Log in to your Do It For MS dashboard
  2. Select My Fitness Activity
  3. Under Add Activity, enter the date and distance of your ride

The kilometres will now appear on your activity tracker

Our Organisation

What happened to the MS Society

Organisations to support people living with multiple sclerosis have been part of the Australian landscape for many decades with, what used to be state and territory based MS Societies popping up around the country from as early as 1956! These days, MS organisations from Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT have banded together and are known simply as MS (or officially, Multiple Sclerosis Limited). Here at MS we deliver vital programs and services across the ACT, New South Wales Victoria and Tasmania to support people living with multiple sclerosis.

Other MS organisations

We also work closely with two other Australian multiple sclerosis organisations who specialise in advocacy for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS Australia) and research (MS Research Australia). In fact, each year MS provides funds to both organisations to help them with their work. This means that when you raise funds for MS you’re helping provide support services as well as contributing to research and advocacy!


We show our respect and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are the traditional custodians of this land. We pay respects to their Elders past and present.