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After her diagnosis, things had to change for Kelly. She had to learn to say “no” and to take better care of herself, both physically and mentally.


Dussy never considered herself a runner, until a few years ago when she decided to take on a 10km fun run to raise funds for people living with multiple sclerosis.


“Just knowing you are making a difference and raising awareness and it pushes me to challenge myself...I plan to continue doing it for a very long time.”


When you think of community fundraising, most people envision a sausage sizzle, so launching a seven day hike in the Australian desert for MS was slightly out of the box.


“I was hiding my MS. I hadn’t accepted it myself. I was in denial. They were only young when I was diagnosed, and we didn’t want to involve them,” said Felicity.


We look forward to bringing you more great Do It For MS fundraiser stories soon.


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