October 2019


Bek Thorpe has been fundraising and volunteering for MS for over 15 years now. During the past two years she has used Tasmania’s beautiful treks to her advantage, taking on the Point to Pinnacle and Cape Raoul and turning them into amazing fundraising opportunities. These adventures have given her a great avenue to raise money for much needed support services and awareness about the disease. When asked why she has given so much over the years Bek explains

“I lost a dear friend to MS, I also lost my beautiful Mum to MS seven years ago so it is something very close to my heart.”

These life changing events gave Bek the determination help others. Bek stresses the importance of her fundraising saying,

“Treatments and studies have come such a long way in the last 20 years, but we need to keep going. We really need to get it out there, make people aware and be able to provide support and services to those who need it."

Bek has shared her heart warming journey with others in order to raise money, using email threads and social media. Over the past two years she has managed to raise over $5000 and has pushed herself physically and mentally along the way.. When asked what the most rewarding part of her fundraising is Bek says,

“Just knowing you are making a difference and raising awareness and it pushes me to challenge myself. It’s a very special thing and I plan to continue doing it for a very long time.”

A special thank you to Bek from everyone at MS, your story and fundraising is an inspiration for everyone to keep on trekking!


Use social media to your advantage, post photos, share stories, updates and information on why you are doing it.

Use merchandise to raise awareness, print posters, sell pins and badges, use everything MS!

We look forward to bringing you more great Do It For MS fundraiser stories soon.


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