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World MS Day 2021

We're Conquering Cradle Mountain to Beat MS!

Multiple sclerosis is the most common disease of the central nervous system and it strikes young people in the prime of their lives.

There is currently no known cure.

It's quite staggering that multiple sclerosis affects more young people than any other neurological condition, with the average age of diagnosis just 30 years old. Every case of multiple sclerosis is unique ā€“ the symptoms, severity and progress of the disease are different for everyone.

So Iā€™m trekking through the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area and traversing sections of the Overland Trail to raise funds to deliver essential MS support services and ensure no one faces MS alone.

Please DONATE now to support my trek and give hope to thousands of Australians living with multiple sclerosis.

Thank you for your support.

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Susan Buchanan


Nicky Greer-collins


Roneel Sharma



Sonia D



Babe, anything to help big brain scientists find cure for this bastard disease. And yes, I’ll be wearing red honey.


Fiona Motherway


Rachael Axford


Tony Greer


Leo Stinson

Can't think of a better way to spend money!



Love you NGC. May 30 is my birthday and I will absolutely wear red lipstick. F off, MS! šŸ’‹ xx




Ellen Canfield

Love you my friend.


Susan Stewart

Sorry this is a bit late - loved your "wearing red" day. Great to see you've raised over your goal amount! It would be wonderful if there was a cure for MS one day... :)


Lindsay Reid


Joe Johnston