Be Brave and Shave for MS

By Emma Burchett

Please help me to be Limitless For MS!

Aloha friends, thank you for visiting my fundraising page.

I am raising funds to support people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is an autoimmune disease whereby the body gets confused and starts attacking itself – specifically the myelin sheath, which is a protective coat for your nerves. The myelin sheath acts as a conductor for the electrical impulses that are constantly travelling back and forth in your body, communicating between your brain, spine, and literally everything else. Put your hand on the hot stove? Don't worry, your nervous system's got you! You’ve already removed your hand before you know what's happened. Watching YouTube when you should be working and get that prickly sensation like your boss is standing behind you? 'Quick, switch back to that Word document!' says your nervous system. Stepped on a Lego while barefoot? Your nervous system is about to find out and help rectify that. 

That's all well and great when your body is working as it should be, but once the myelin sheath has been compromised, the messages that travel between the brain and body just don't arrive at all. When we experience disruptions to our NBN our bodies start to betray us, and whilst symptoms for MS are wide and varied, they commonly include

·       Extreme fatigue

·       Blurred vision

·       Loss of balance, muscle coordination and control

·       Slurred speech

·       Difficulty with walking

·       Balance issues

·       Dizziness

·       Altered sensation such as tingling, numbness or pins and needles

Suddenly everything is a lot more difficult to do, and a whole lot less safe. No two people with MS will experience it the same way, be it symptoms, severity, or progression, which is also what makes it so tricky to diagnose!

It was about this time last year that my dad was diagnosed with MS after multiple hospital visits and inpatient stays. And he is not the first person I know to be diagnosed with this. Statistically speaking, 1 in 3 Australians will be directly impacted by an MS diagnosis, and while MS in currently incurable, support services do exist to provide emotional and physical support, advice, and vital services to ensure the journey is not undertaken alone. So to celebrate my dad's 57th birthday (May 30th - also World MS Day. Put both in your calendars), I am hoping to raise $570 for MS support services by shaving off my hair. Your generous donation will ensure that Aussies are well supported while they face the challenge of living with multiple sclerosis.

How your support helps:

Each year:

·         20,000 times people will reach out to the helpline MS Connect, and be met with a caring person to listen and help them - whatever stage of their journey

·         More than 1,500 people with MS will receive specialised advice from caring nurses, occupational therapists and social workers through MS Advisor

·         Over 2,700 people will participate in MS Education webinars and events to better understand MS

·         Nearly 600 new people with MS and their loved ones will find social connection through MS Peer Support groups

Sounds good, doesn’t it? You can help me achieve my goal in one of three ways:

1) You can donate, feel wonderful, and then share my link to help spread the word, which would increase those good feelings

2) You can donate, and feel great knowing you’ve made a positive impact on another person that also happens to be tax deductible (EOFY's coming up!)

3) If you can't donate at this time, then sharing this link would be just as helpful and greatly appreciated. If I could get 57 people to donate $10 each, we'd reach the goal easily! If everyone helps, we could get really ambitious and aim for $5700

I thank you for your support,


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Monday 15th Feb
I am overwhelmed by the support I’ve received in only 9 hours - you guys are amazing and I’m feeling very loved. I am increasing the fundraising goal to $1570 as the next milestone - we can do it! 

Thank you to my Supporters


Jesse Taylor

Sorry to hear your Dad is going through this. Good luck hitting your goal of $5700! I think you’ll look good with a shaved head. Now remember to pick up your lego’s! Jesse and Marissa


Bobby Burchett

Love from Grandma xx. What a lovely thing to do. Good luck


Julie Muller

You go girl xx. A very worthy cause as MS close to our family’s heart. Such a fabulous and courageous gesture.


Sammy, Timothy, Rebecca

What a beautiful idea Emma!


Beatrice Hayward

So proud! Love you!


Valesca Alston


Sue Oxley

Good luck with your fundraising!





Penny Evans

So proud of you. Hope you hit your goal and can't wait to rock out a shaved head with you. x


Pat Hall

Hope you raise lots of money for a great cause!


Steven Keane

What a wonderful cause!


Sandra Holley


Dean Bindless

Well done Emma!


Ji Dai


Teresa S.

Well done Emma! It is indeed for a very good cause. I work with your Mother & when she mentioned your Father's diagnosis, I was touched. I too, have a very close family member who has MS and so wish there was a cure. Good Luck!




Liana Wyld

Good on you Emma! What a great thing you are doing. Your dad will be proud. Best of luck with the fundraising.


Lisa Ho

Go Emma!


Alexandra Pearman

Hi Emma, Sorry to hear about your dad. Good luck with your ender



Good on you Em xx




Jennifer Lutterbeck

Big hugs to you Em. Love your courage and bravery!



You’re a legend. Can’t wait to see the cut! Big love to you and your family xx


Van Nguyen

Well done Emma!


Carla Whittaker

You are a legend Emma 🌸 biggest hugs to you x


Tuyet T




Tom Boyce


Me, Myself And I

Getting the ball rolling with a magical $10


Linda Wilson

your amazing well done


Tristan Goldsmith

Well done Emma - you're dad will be super proud of you.