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Please help me to be Limitless For MS!

Hi everyone!

After three years of growing my hair, I have decided that I would like to raise funds and awareness for the three corresponding causes: Myositis Association Australia, Lifeline and MS.

I will be getting my hair cut and donating the hair to either Leukaemia or the Cancer Council. Along with that, I have chosen three causes that mean resonate with me. I would like to see people around me get involved if they are interested in helping out.

You might ask, "Why have you chosen three?"

I thought about it and realised that I have never grown my hair for this long, and it would be great to be able to raise funds and awareness for different areas; three years of hair growth for three different charities.

Out of the three the least funded and backed is Myositis. A cousin of mine has been dealing with that for more than a few years now and I definitely wanted to spread the word about it and get it out in the open as far and wide as possible because many people haven’t heard of it, nor are aware of what the condition is all about. Thus, it is the reason that it will be the forefront of the three that I have chosen. Her story can be found at:

For other reasons, Lifeline and MS are also the other two areas that I would like to nominate this time round.

My hair will be cut at the end of this month, the 28th of February, which is on Rare Disease Day at an event that a representative of the Myositis Association has organised. It will be a night of raising awareness, eating good food, mane getting the slice and enjoying the moment of being. Details for the event can be found on the Myositis Association donation page, which is located towards the end of this blurb.

Thanks for reading and I hope that regardless whether you decide to donate or not, just be aware that certain associations are out there, even for future reference. A fellow member where I play squash has been dealing with MS for quite some time. Let's raise more awareness and endeavour to get such conditions like this, myositis and even depression under control. 

*** Please note that if you do donate through this page then your donation will be supporting MS. If you do wish to support either one of the other causes instead/also:

1) Myositis Association -

2) Lifeline -

Really appreciate and thank you for the support in advance! Let's do this!


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