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The MS Plus Ikara-Flinders Ranges Adventure


Multiple sclerosis is the most common disease of the central nervous system and it strikes people in the prime of their lives. There is currently no known cure.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with MS. After the birth of my third child, my diagnosis shook my world. My relationships suffered, I became anxious and depressed, old trauma's re surfaced and I felt terribly alone. Little did I know at the time, that my diagnosis was going to become a gift-for me to share with others.

I was healthy and active, I loved to be out doors trekking, I was often found spending my spare time in nature, gardening or going for bush walks. I didn't  understand why I developed MS. I was angry and determined to find some answers.

However, I learnt I was not alone, it's quite staggering really, that multiple sclerosis affects more people than any other neurological condition, with the average age of diagnosis just 30 years old. I learnt that every case of multiple sclerosis is unique – the symptoms, severity and progress of the disease are different for everyone.

7 years on, (and I've learnt a lot things about myself in this time) I have rebuilt my life,  and to celebrate I’m trekking the rugged South Australian country traversing sections of the ancient Ikara–Flinders Ranges National Park, to raise funds to deliver essential MS support services and ensure no one faces MS alone.

Along the trek I will be journaling my experience, my triumphs, my breakdowns (and I'm sure there will be many). I will be sharing my knowledge and wisdom on mindfulness, nutrition, wellbeing , and ways we can build resilience, acceptance, and find meaning in ourselves and in life, one step at time. 

I will be sharing my journal "A TREKKING JOURNEY: FROM MS DIAGNOSIS TO WHOLEHEARTEDNESS" . Every person/organisation who donates will receive a free copy of my e book.

So please DONATE now to support my trek and give hope to thousands of Australians living with multiple sclerosis.

Thank you for your support.

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gregory Kelly

Brave, courageous, light shining, loving Megan, walk on air.



Hi mum


Jacobs Ladder Tree Service

Hope you have a great trek, and it helps and inspires all those facing the challenge of living with MS


Erik Buttars

Go for it girl, you can do it.


Anna Martens

Beautiful, courageous Megan, what an honour to have you as a friend.




Anthea Herft

Wishing you all the best for this adventure Megan.



Is that walk 6 days normal time or 6 days Zmegan time 😂😂





Jan Mac

Go well on your trek, no need to share your journaling / ebook thanks. I'm sure it would be inspiring and wonderful but that kind of sharing is not for me.


Jan Mac


Megan Collins



Hi Megan I can't wait to read your e book. I have known you for many years but you never spoke much about your illness. Us women just grin and bear it and put ourselves last. Good luck on the trek x



I am with you all the way good for you what a courageous inspiration ! May the stars shine on your treck and you be bigger than the kangaroos around the corner


Shubh Buttars

Getting the money ball rolling - Love you and know you will do this and love it.


Ritchie Marshall


Lucia Simmons


Francesca Spencer

Well done for taking this journey. Look forward to hearing about the ups & downs & all the achievements inbetween. Wishing you all the best 💕


Lisa Wright

One very brave woman Megan Collins. Go get him girl..... 🥰


Helene Conlon


Rebecca Keevers

You are nothing short of an amazing, strong incredible woman Megan, a true inspiration xx


The Farm For Wellbeing

We support you as you courageously walk to raise funds & awareness for MS. Well done!



Hey cuz , Sorry I couldn’t give more. I got very low cash flow lately . Good luck with the trek x o :)


P Charlton


M Hampton

Awesome Megan. All The best xx


Cath Mcdowall

You continue to be an inspiration Megan, here's to the next decade, and the next one and many more to come xxx



Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring change


Bek Yap

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