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Thursday 21st Mar
As an active Australian I can be forgiven for taking my health for granted but it doesn’t stop me thinking about the thousands of Australians impacted by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and what that means for them and their loved ones.
MS is a chronic neurological disease for which there is no long-term cure and no known single cause.

For those living with MS, the body's own immune system attacks and damages the fatty material around the nerves resulting in a range of symptoms including: 

-loss of motor function, 

-loss of sensation, 


-vision changes, and 

-changes to thinking or memory.

The MS landscape has been comprehensively transformed over the last few years by progress in research and therapeutics leading to earlier diagnosis and extension of disability milestones. However, for progressive MS there are still limited treatment options. Fundraising donations will be gratefully received and put to use supporting those living with MS and in the research of long-term treatment options.



Thank you to my Sponsors


Nigel Ruxton


David Fuller

Best of luck Duk 😎xxx


Rachael Fuller


M E Fuller

Go for it Rach


Matthew Uidam

Rachael good luck on your Trek. What a great cause to support. I know how personnel this one is to you and Nigel. I hope this little bit helps.


Bernice Campbell

Good luck Rachael!


Liam Ruxton

Enjoy. Hope all goes well


Grace Frater

Well done Mummy!



What an adventure! Good on Rach

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