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I am Conquering Cradle Mountain to Beat MS!

Multiple sclerosis is the most common disease of the central nervous system and it strikes young people in the prime of their lives.

There is currently no known cure.

It's quite staggering that multiple sclerosis affects more young people than any other neurological condition, with the average age of diagnosis just 30 years old. Every case of multiple sclerosis is unique – the symptoms, severity and progress of the disease are different for everyone.

So I’m trekking through the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area and traversing sections of the Overland Trail to raise funds to deliver essential MS support services and ensure no one faces MS alone.

Please DONATE now to support my trek and give hope to thousands of Australians living with multiple sclerosis.

Thank you for your support.

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THANK YOU! So proud!!

Friday 18th Mar
So it's only one more sleep until I head to Lonnie, and I can't tell you how proud I feel right now to have made it to this point. Also I reached my fundraising target today!!

Thank you all for your generosity and support - this is absolutely wonderful and I could not even consider such as trip without the encouragement and kindness of my beautiful family and friends.

Off to do a gear check and final pack! Woohoo!! xx

Nearly there...

Sunday 6th Mar
After two trip delays due to travel restrictions, a bout of COVID in January, my Dad seriously ill and recovering from treatment for lymphoma, a very intense work schedule and some crazy weather, in just over two weeks I'll be in Launceston. Had a magnificent training walk today with my dear friend Alex who is going on her own trekking adventure at the same time I'll be in Tassie. We walked 9kms today and took in some riverside paths around Oatley. Nice to see some sun! After all of the rain we've had in recent weeks, the bush was teeming with colourful fungi and mushrooms. We photographed some gorgeous angophoras as well. Beginning to get excited.

A Christmas Epistle...

Wednesday 22nd Dec
2021 has been a very strange year on a number of fronts. At the end of 2020 when I signed up to do this trek, I thought I would be done and dusted by now! Instead of being able to say in my 50th time around the sun that I made by body strong when others couldn't, and make a valuable contribution to an important cause, I'm still nervously preparing. Those goals certainly took a beating in the past 12 months. Another year of COVID lockdowns, changing work, COVID restrictions and social responsibilities saw me struggle to undertake much of the fundraising I had planned for 2020, and my training regime collapsed. I'm now getting back on track with the help of Daniela Viola my naturopath, and my Physio, Tamara Woods from The Physiotherapy Clinic. Also much of the funds I have raised so far are from immediate friends and family. So in this Christmas Epistle, I wanted to raise a proverbial glass to those who have been my supporters and friends on this journey. Thank you. Thank you for your generosity, your kindness in supporting this cause, and for being part of my team. Wishing all a Happy and Restful, Safe and Joyous Christmas and New Year - May 2022 bring more good stuff than bad, and looking forward to completing the trek in Feb/March 2022! xxx


Friday 10th Dec
So our original departure date was November 17, but due to COVID Travel Restrictions, our trip was postponed until 2022 February.

Given the weather reports for that week, I can't say I'm too sad we didn't go in November!


Paella success!

Sunday 3rd Oct
We had such a wonderful night with a group of 7 families all joining in from their homes to cook with the gorgeous Oscar and Marina from Let's Paella! 

Oscar and Marina partnered with me to bring a virtual DIY paella cooking class into the kitchens of some generous supporters. My dear friend, Sarah who has lived with MS for 23 years was able to dial in from Hobart which was amazing. She was able to talk about her experiences of living with Multiple Sclerosis and of her diagnosis and treatment. It was great to be able to answer questions others had about MS. 

I highly recommend Let's Paella for a fundraising, fun, crafty 'fundrice' event. Oscar and Marina have a beautiful generous energy and helped us make delicious paella and some fabulous garlic prawns - and of course sangria added to the fun :). Please follow them on Facebook or Insta Let's Paella | Facebook


DIY Paella Night - October 2 2021

Sunday 26th Sep
Next weekend I'm partnering with Oscar and Marina from Let's Paella to do a fun DIY Paella at Home event! 

Participants will get a shopping list and join together for a family cooking event with some music, dancing, sangria and crafty fun. 

Tickets are only $55 for the household and it is sure to be enjoyable tasty entertainment, and a great way to raise money for MS Australia!

Here is the link to register:

Quiz Mistress Saves the Day!

Saturday 31st Jul
The Sydney Lockdown has put the stops to my live fundraising events, so I decided to see if I could run a couple of online "Not Pub Trivia" nights to see if I could raise some money virtually. Thankfully I had a willing group of close family and friends to test my Quiz Mistress skills last night, and we had a Friday night gathering, with a small participation fee. I'm thrilled to say that I'm now just over HALF WAY to my fundraising goal! How incredible is that!? So exciting...

Got plenty of good feedback and will keep tweaking the formula before I offer this to members of the public, but I'm optimistic!
Next time, I will make sure I schedule my event carefully so it does not clash with anything important, such as a Matildas quarter final match in the Olympics. My participants kept running off screen to their TV room mid quiz, screaming about the extra time, Sam Kerr's brilliant header and such and such a goal or penalty. It was a whirlwind! That would have been fine, but some of the group were watching the game online, so had a slight lag in their telecast, so there were a few spoilers. The perils of online real time events! 

What a fun way to raise money for this good cause.

COVID - The Lockdown Episode

Thursday 29th Jul
The Sydney Lockdown interrupted my plans for a fundraising film night at Palace Cinema, so I have started on online campaign, including a Virtual Quiz event. Doing my best, and training as much as I can to get the fitness to take on the trek, which involves lots of neighbourhood walks in local streets with my mask on. Making good use of the hills in Glebe!

Celebrations generosity

Saturday 8th May
Celebrating a Big Birthday is always a little fraught, but this past month has been joyous and filled with love. A series of celebration events called ‘Festival of Sasha’ or ‘Festivus’ has brought family and friends together creating some beautiful memories. In lieu of gifts, my family birthday party last Saturday raised over $700! How lucky I feel to be surrounded by such a supportive and generous group of friends and family. Almost half way into my fundraising goal - woohoo!! 

The journey begins...

Sunday 14th Mar
So this is it! Festival of 50 is upon me and the walk of a lifetime is coming up in a few months. I signed up to trek Cradle Mountain in November 2021. What better way to celebrate a strong and young body by setting myself a challenge like this one! It's exciting (and a bit bewildering!) to be planning this as well as my 50th Birthday party. So grateful to have lovely friends and family to support me on my journey.
Training has officially started. After a bumpy February with a few injuries to slow down my training plan, I'm now on track. Walking 5kms on Friday with my new pack from Kathmandu was fun. Fridays are my day for training walks and I'm hoping to increase the distance and the weight over the next few weeks. Chookers!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Michelle Fincher

Good on you Sasha


Let's Paella

Our fun DIY Paella night raised $210 in total. Yay! Looking forward to an 'in-person' soon


Alex And Diane Baitch

Well done Sasha. Great cause! Close to Diane's heart having lost a dear friend to MS at age 35. Enjoy such a beautiful walk. Xxxx


Katie Cripps

Enjoy the view and the challenge. Such a great cause. All the best my love. Katie


Fiona Pacey

A wonderful way to make a difference.


Sally Taylor

Sasha! Go


Lorae Bedford

Very impressed Sash - wonderful cause It / you will be awesome


Geoff Graham

Sasha, Your kind invitation is accepted by Thomi and I with much pleasure. See you on the 1 st May Geoff.


John Coates

A great goal to conquer the mountain and raise money for a worthy cause. Keep up the training and I will provide the massages.


Emer Appeldoorn

We’ll done darling love the Appeldoorns xxx


Giulia Yallouris


Emily And Tim Baitch

Well done Cousin. We're always so proud of you!


Stephen And Amy Kemp

Great work Sash!



Well done Sash on taking on such a great cause. Happy birthday from all of us. Margie, Ben, Ollie, Milo and Samuel XX


Erica Smith

Great cause!! Enjoy the challenge. This is one of the world's great treks and you will love it.



Go ya good thing!


Elizabeth Jessop

Good effort Sash..keep up the great work.


Shirley Casper

Good luck & keep trecking!


Steve & Dg

Go Sasha go! Kick MS's butt right in its face!




Matthew Drago

💪💪💪 go for it!


Marika Whitfield

Good luck!


Jane Lancaster

What a fantastic effort!


Lisa Cuffe

Good luck!


Alex And Diane Baitch

Hello Sasha, Well done with your Zoom Trivia. Best wishes in you fundraising and let's hope that COVID does not interfere with your plans for the Walk


George & Debbie

Overland track at fifty? Nothing. When we were young like you we .......


Anne Dunn

Go Sasha!


Bella Paine

Break a leg 😝


Alex Wegner

Go chick go!! Xx


Susan Strong


Soulful Concepts


Simon Brewer

Well done Sasha- good luck.


Sasha Jessop


Carina Mcsweeney

Trek well - and do that Bollywood dance! Carina xx


Richard Whitfield




Lorna Jakszewicz

Kudos to you! Much love and support on this journey! and thank you for supporting the cause!! XO


Shovina Lal


Kerrie Pacey

Sorry you are leaving WI but am sure a new opportunity will arise. Hope you get to do the trek.


Erin Obrien

Go Sasha!!


Laura Bergamin

Good Luck Sasha, you're doing a wonderful thing for an important reason. Look forward to hearing all about it!