Difference you make

The funds that you raise ensure that people living with multiple sclerosis get the support they need to meet their goals and live well, and ensure that no one has to face this disease alone.

Here are some examples* of what we are able to do thanks to you and thousands of other supporters who fundraise.

8,716 connections were made with people living with multiple sclerosis who sought vital information and support via our MS Connect call centre. 

Difference you make  

“Thanks for the email and support, it’s been really helpful. I am very grateful we live in a country where people like me have access to services like MS Connect.”

1,537 people were assisted with specialised advice from nurses, occupational therapists and social workers, helping people to maintain their quality of life, employment and delay of disease progression.

difference you make  

“The MS Social Work Advisor really listened to my issues, had some great suggestions for me and it was an absolute pleasure talking to him. Thank you!”

1,695 people participated in 79 MS Education programs, including family and community wellness days, providing them with critical information so that they can make informed choices about their health and wellbeing.

Difference you make  

“The best thing about my son being at the MS Community Day was mainly he got to spend time around other parents with multiple sclerosis and their kids, people with a range of levels of disability – and it just made him realise how normal we all are.”

466 people were supported to remain in the workforce, with the MS Employment Service purchasing more than $250,000 worth of equipment and carrying out expert assessments. 

Difference you make  

“I used to experience terrible back and neck pain and MS Employment has assisted with funding an ergonomic desk chair, which provides me with good support – and I'm no longer in pain at work.”

*Examples from Financial Year 2017

If you need advice or assistance to reach your fundraising goals, contact us on 1300 733 690 or email communityfundraising@ms.org.au. Our fundraising team is always here to help.

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