Top Ten Steps For Planning Your Fundraising Activity

These ten steps are to help you guide you through the event planning process. By following each step (as they apply to you), you will be ready to deliver a fantastic fundraising activity!

Step 1: Choose what kind of fundraising activity you would like to run

Step 2: Register as an MS Community Fundraiser and receive your Authority To Fundraise letter

Step 3: Decide if you need support and if you do gather a support team or committee

Step 4: Choose a date (or possible alternative dates) and time for your activity

Step 5: If you need a venue look for options and book the best one.
*Be sure to check that your venue have public liability insurance which will cover you as MS is unable to provide you with such cover. 

Step 6: Check if you need any special permits (ie. high value raffle) or need to submit any paperwork to your venue (ie. risk management) and make the necessary submissions.

Step 7: If required, organise your event day public liability insurance. Remember that insurance can be considered a ‘reasonable cost’ to reimburse from your takings.
*Learn more about what percentage of takings is ‘reasonable’ for reimbursement.

Step 8: If your event requires any third-party assistance (ie. catering, equipment hire, ticketing platform, first aid support) book providers and pay any necessary fees.
*Note that tickets can not be sold via your online fundraising page as they are not eligible to be receipted as tax deductible. Learn more here.

Step 9: Update your online fundraising page with all the event details and promote your fundraiser online and in your community. For useful promotional materials, request your Community Fundraising Kit and download additional digital resources (including the official Proudly Supporting MS logo) from the resources link provided upon registration. If you plan to approach local media to assist with promotions please discuss this first with your MS Relationship Manager so they can offer support.

Step 10: If you require donations for door prizes, auctions or raffles, use your Authority To Fundraise letter to approach businesses/individuals for support. 
*Remember to thank all your generous donors. You may choose to download our template Thank You certificate from our website.

Don’t forget that our Common Questions page contains a wealth of helpful information - so we encourage you to check it out and if you have any further questions on preparing for your event get in touch with your MS Relationship Manager.