Does my meal have to be held between May 29-31?
Your meal can be held any time in May, but we recommend May 29 – 31 to align with World MS Day on May 30.

Can I invite guests from outside my household to physically attend my meal?
No, unless the current Government advice changes. It’s important we maintain physical distancing and instead create social connectivity by inviting your Guest Household to attend virtually.

Do I have to invite virtual guests?
It is up to you whether you choose to include friends and family from outside your Host Household to join virtually. Learn more here about how to take part in Be My Guest.

Do I need to use technology as part of my meal?
You can use as much or as little technology as you would like! Guest Households can join your meal virtually simply by sitting down and eating a Meal For MS at the same time as you from the safety of their own home – so there is definitely no need for fancy video streams or advanced technology.

Our Tips and Tricks page, Facebook Event and Be My Guest email newsletters include many suggestions for ways to harness technology to enhance your Meal For MS so we encourage you to check them out if you are interested in having a go.

How can I ensure safe preparation of food at my meal for MS?
Safety is always important when preparing food for yourself or others. For food safety tips visit

Do I have to cook my Meal For MS myself?
The choice to order in or cook up a storm is all up to you! Check out some great meal sourcing and preparation options on our Meals For MS Inspiration page.

How can I interact with other Hosts?
By registering, you’re now part of our Be My Guest community! You can join with other Hosts through our Be My Guest Facebook Event and chat in the lead-up to the big World MS Day celebrations. On Saturday 30 May you can even join in our MS Live Lounge to hear a range of exciting speakers talking about the difference your fundraising makes to people living with multiple sclerosis.

How will donations be used?
Be My Guest donations help us to continue to deliver quality services for people living with multiple sclerosis across New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania. Services like our free helpline MS Connect and MS Peer Support continue to be delivered online and over the phone to ensure a sense of community and social connectivity is available for people living with multiple sclerosis, their loved ones, carers and health professionals. We are here to make sure no one has to face MS alone. Click here to learn more about the difference you make

My friend has invited me to be a virtual guest. How do I sign up as a Guest Household?
That's great! To register as a Guest Household please follow this link where you will be able to search for your friend's team page. The following page will show you pictorially how to complete your registration.