Battling 200 Miles 4 MS

By David Bristow

Please help me to be Motivated For MS!

Over the past few years since my first 100 mile event I have completed 6 Milers, with one period through 2021 where I was side-lined through injury. My recovery led me to a brutal 100km at Buffalo Stampede, and following a DNF (did not finish) in 2019, I had unfinished business at GSER 100 miles in 2022 which I finished before inclement weather closed the course.

In June 2022 I volunteered at Unreasonable East in the Blue Mountains, and courtesy of Shaun the Race Director, I was generously gifted the opportunity to race in 2023. So, one good turn deserves another, my goal is to use the event to raise money for MS. One of my best friends, Gregg, with whom I used to race many events in the early 2000s, is afflicted by MS limited to battling life in a chair, relying on carers to do all those things we take for granted. 

I do these things because others can't. I explore my limits because other's limits are all too obvious. I want to use my physical and mental gifts to help those who need it. 

So the challenge is to complete the new Unreasonable East 200 Mile event which begins on 22nd August in Port Douglas, north of Cairns. I'll have 5 days. 

You can sponsor me and follow my journey through this fundraising page and subsequent links as I will be posting regularly through as I work through the final 2 months of training and preparation. Your generous donation will ensure that Aussies are well supported while they face the challenge of living with multiple sclerosis!

MS is the most common disease of the central nervous system - currently there is no cure.

It's quite staggering to think that multiple sclerosis affects more young people than any other neurological condition, with the average age of diagnosis just 30 years old. Every case of multiple sclerosis is unique - the symptoms, severity and progress of the disease are different for everyone.

You can ensure Aussies living with multiple sclerosis can break down barriers, achieve goals and live well by making a secure online donation.

Thank you for your support.

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Trail video to give an idea of what parts of the course were like

Wednesday 6th Sep

Race Report

Wednesday 6th Sep
Another week of recovery has passed but I'm still feeling the effects of the epic adventure. I have put the virtual pen to paper and written a race report (as has become tradition) and you can find that here:
Thanks for your support - I hope you feel I did the event, and your donation justice! 


Monday 28th Aug
A pic at the finishing tent with the medal at 4:30am on Saturday morning. 89.5 hours. 345km.

Getting it done!

Monday 28th Aug

Links for the race!

Saturday 19th Aug
Many thanks to you all for donating some $$ to the MS cause. 

The crew and I head to Cairns tomorrow, so we're soon switching into race mode. This week has been being planned for some time. Closely examined, and once the race starts, hour by hour (minute by minute!) planning will go into execution mode.

There is a Whatsapp group if you want to get the latest updates. There will be a race report once the dust has settled.

There is also a tracker to follow:

I look forward to sharing the experience... 


Thank you to my Sponsors



Bang the drum!


Angus Clearie

Looking forward to the dot watching entertainment. 👀 Enjoy!


Jo Wood

Let's DO this!!



Fantastic achievement!


Brian And Sarah

Good luck Dave! We'll try and follow every step from 15000kms away!!


Barry O’leary

Best wishes for the run neighbour.


Gareth Davies

Good Luck with it all


Scott & Kathy Mclean

Stay strong mate our prayers are with you



You’ve absolutely smashed your training and I can’t wait to follow along as you complete this incredible race


Chris Pienaar

All the best Sarge


Alex D

fantastic effort David


Bear G

Never Give Up!


Matthew Jones

Good luck David - a worthy cause and significant challenge!!


Cathy T

Good luck David and great you are doing this !


Janet Verden

A truly inspiring effort for a very worthy cause.


Brad D

Blessings bro!!


Scott Mac

Sarg - pain is just weakness leaving your body!


Ross Jones

200 miles for a great cause! Good on you Sarge! Should (almost) be a walk in the park for you!


Simon Tibbs

Great cause Dave and such a challenge. Run, walk, hobble, crawl well.


Caroline Wilson

Explore those limits & Never give up!


Ivan Gonsalves

Never stop smiling.....


Lyndsay Clare Thomas

Good luck Dave, love from Lyndsay, Andy & Alex!


Dave Griffiths

Apols for getting to the finished party late!


Stuart Mclachlan

Great cause David ... best of luck and hope you smash it!!!



I’m not sure I will ever understand your motivation but I am in total awe - all for the Glory of God!


Warren & Kathleen

Wishing you happy miles and good times for you and your crew!


Elissa Carroll

Go David! Best wishes for you as you embark on this epic event


Charlie Borg

Your a champion mate, best of luck!!!


Lyndal Foote


Jimmy Meggo

Mate good luck! Took me a bit to realise who you were at the end of the UTA100 as I was so busted but you made me feel like winner! Go get it!!!!


Jean And Dave

One step at a time and you’ll make it, Dave!


Gavin Browne


Anna Pye

Well done!!x


Lynette Llewellyn

Well done!



Inspired to say the least !! Well done mate


Gill Peake

I know it’s now complete and huge congratulations for that, but well done for raising funds for such a worthy cause Lots of love Gill and Puss x


Alan And Michelle

Awesome we’re impressed!! ❤️


Mike Harris

Have a great time Dave!


Steve Hulme

Good cause run by a strong guy! All the best!


Idette Warburton

Go Dave and support crew extraordinaire! Can’t wait to follow your journey.


Michael Broderick

Good luck Dave





well done, go fellow Trailblazer!


Tony Feehan

Go Dave!


Mani Balakrishnan

All the best David.


Bill Obeid


Paula Livingstone

Good luck David .. such a wonderful cause. A big effort!!


Jen Webster (cba)

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