Rocio Lopez

I am Conquering Cradle Mountain to Beat MS!

Multiple sclerosis is the most common disease of the central nervous system and it strikes young people in the prime of their lives.

There is currently no known cure.

I have second stage progressive MS. I’m lucky enough to have found this out whilst there is still time (and awesome medication) to slow it down and hopefully stop it. Some people find out before drugs are needed, and others when the drugs don’t work. The medication I’m on involves monthly infusions to control my overly capable and reckless immunity. This is the second of many medications I have had to take.

Despite the good the medication does, it’s a challenging experience that has made the little things that most of us (including me prior) take for granted, a little harder.

To keep my spirits intact and my body in line. I'll be tackling Cradle Mountain in Tasmania for 5 days at the end of February 2022. I’m asking for you to support me by donating anything small or large.
Feel free to register and join!

It's quite staggering that multiple sclerosis affects more young people than any other neurological condition, with the average age of diagnosis just 30 years old. Every case of multiple sclerosis is unique – the symptoms, severity and progress of the disease are different for everyone.

So I’m trekking through the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area and traversing sections of the Overland Trail to raise funds to deliver essential MS support services and ensure no one faces MS alone.

Please DONATE now to support my trek and give hope to thousands of Australians living with multiple sclerosis.

Thank you for your support.

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Grand Canyon, Blue Mountains 5th Feb

Tuesday 8th Feb

Warren Reservoir - December 28 2021

Tuesday 8th Feb

Training continues with a twist

Friday 4th Feb

Hamilton Island Heat

Friday 4th Feb

Preparing for Cradle Mountain No2

Saturday 18th Dec

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Sunday 7th Nov

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Delia Pembrey Macnamara

Hey Rocio, way to go! Always on your cheer squad. Thanks for raising money for the care team and researchers! Can't wait to see you in the near future. Have fun training!



Vamos chavaluc@s lo teneis que lograr!!, No pain no gain Animo


Pete Cameron

Wish I was there to tackle Cradle Mountain with you! I’m sure you’ll smash it 💪👊



Good on ya dude



Climb every mountain



Good luck on the hike Roxy



You've got this Rocio!!


Frangipani Moonshine

Good luck! You will be great! What a lucky mountain



You are so Amazing! 🥰 you got this! 💪


The Mcneills

You will no doubt smash this challenge as you do with all things you challenge yourself with. go Rocs!! Xxx


Jacqui Marshall

You’re an inspiration to us all babe… just like the twinkle in the sand that lives the beach.


Brock Mifsud

Go Rocio!


Brian Shearer




Bradley B


Gary Ivison

Go girl climb that mountain.


Kevin Cosgrove

Go for it !!!!!


Rocio Lopez



You’re amazing!!!!!


Vicki Allan

Good luck Rocio - admiration for your effort and positivity x


John Williams


Dianne Snounou

Good luck Rocio! xx


Martin Wiseman


Elizabeth Espinosa

A great person doing a great thing for a great cause. Happy to support.


Cashel Walsh

Really sorry to hear this Rocio - hoping for better things to come your way x best of luck with the walk - looks awesome! Give us a shout if you and the boys are ever in Melbourne and fancy a catch up xx take care and best best wishes x Nicky& Cash


Fiona Diacopoulos

Best wishes for Tasmania , Rocio . You are a fighter and I hope everything goes well with your treatments. Cheering for you from Baulkham Hills , sending much love Fiona xxxx


Lee Seddon

One foot in fount of the other. On your trek and in life. Xx




Lisa Nicol

Enjoy that amazing walk Rocio.


Vesna Gregov

All the very best Rocio!


Kate Kriven

Much love to you gorgeous Roc’s



You got this Rocio 💪😘. Enjoy lovely x


Mungovan Family

Amazing teacher! We support you all the way!!!


Aaron Caton

Hey Rocio, Go conquer that mountain. Aaron


Tim Moreland

Good luck! Such a fantastic cause.


Catherine Walton


Helen Stell

My whole heart goes with you brave Rocio xx HS


Tim Hughes

Go Rox!


Jenny W

Good luck amazing woman




Darren Varker Is Really, Really Good Looking.

Hey great work, you're a great role model in every way! Hope to see some photos! Sorry you missed the rain bomb.


Kristen King


Janice Neilsen


Angela Pyliotis



Just a small amount, good luck xxx


Paula Kambos

Best of luck Rocio!


Belle Meader